Brianna Lombardo © Mathieu Doyon

Goodbye is a little handbook to saying farewell to the thousand deaths that we experience daily, which stages our tendency to invent and reinvent ourselves to face our own imperceptible grief. As a monstruous creature, gifted with intelligence and instinct, emancipated from its creators, Goodbye multiplies and fractionates itself, only to become fragmented and lost in its own labyrinth.

Circling back and breaking up as if caught in a maze of its own making, Goodbye finds its way through by dismantling and revealing the codes and the ropes of representation, questioning both the world and art as the two ultimate forms of creation.

Concept and choreography Mélanie Demers | On stage Brianna Lombardo, Chi Long, Jacques Poulin-Denis, Mélanie Demers | Sound design Jean-Sébastien Côté | Lights Alexandre Pilon-Guay | Creation 2012

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Goodbye is a co-production with TransAmériques Festival. The project is supported by Canada Arts Council, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and le Conseil des arts de Montréal, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique. Goodbye was created during creative residency periods at Garage Nardini (Bassano), Compagnie Marie Chouinard (Montreal), Usine C and at the Creation Centre O Vertigo (Montreal).