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MAYDAY is a registered charity since 2015 with the number 818787558 RR 0001.
Therefore, a charity voucher will be sent to you for each donation.

MAYDAY: distress call dispatched mainly by boats and aeroplanes. In use since the early 20th century, probably derived from the French expression “Venez m’aider!” (Come help me!).

For the choreographer and artistic director of MAYDAY, Mélanie Demers, the stage is a platform for performers to reflect as a group, a space for calling into question the role of the artist and the genre of theatre, and where our collective and individual fates are pondered. She does not subject audiences to accusatory harangues, nor does she wallow in a mood of sterile resignation: she simply draws our attention to the dark side of the human condition. Her works are at once a cry for help and a call for change. Hence the name MAYDAY: in the eyes of Mélanie Demers this word is imbued with equal parts hope and despair.

Your donation will help us significantly in our mission. We will be able to :

– Create singular and committed works
– Offer new formats that make dance accessible to all
– Support artists and the dance community
– Promote Quebec culture throughout the world

Mélanie Demers