October editorial by Mélanie Demers

Having a favourite child

If there’s one taboo that you still can’t break, it’s having a favourite child. Admitting that is like a declaration of war. A roadmap for sending your progeny straight to the shrink. In other words, an abdication of duty. A roadtrip with an unhappy ending. A bonfire, but gloomy. A mask that we should have never let slip. A how-to guide for tying a noose. An undeserving mom. A failure.

Good news: I only have one child! Therefore, I don’t have to deny this odious inevitability. I don’t have to pretend, thank God. I only have one child, yes. But I have many babies. This year, we give birth to Confession PubliqueCabaret Noir, and La Goddam Voie Lactée. So yeah, wow! And yes, you guessed it, I’m falling straight into the cliché of “I love them all equally.”

But my favourite is Voie Lactée… Of course. It’s the one that just got us up and moving, after all. However, that feeling won’t last forever. Soon we’ll have to pack it all up in boxes and send it away, all ready to take off and go on tour for the very first time. And then I’ll go all in on another project. I’m like that: loyal to my loves, unfaithful in my desires. Each work has the ability to engage me, to wake me up, to get me going in different ways. That’s why I continue to create. Because of this desire, these embers that need constant tending.

A big thank you to my beautiful friends from the Milky Way. I love you. And soon, we’ll meet again. In the meantime, my desire for another is being kindled. Her name is Angélique. That’s my Confession Publique!