Something About

Sarah Bellugi Klima, Hazuki Kojima © Malin Arnesson

Something about Wilderness speaks of the inevitability of the passage of time, of the inevitability of change. It puts before our eyes the tug-of-war between the allure of the wilderness and the comforts of civilization. It reflects on our reality as domesticated animals, marked by our histories – recent and ancient – while, at the same time, going back out in quest of the wild. It tries to loop back to a time before our own, ponders the idea of beauty, and recalls how fleeting our own presence in this world is, and also how slight the mark we leave on it. Nine dancers embody our ceaseless striving to tame matter, being, and time itself.

Choreography Mélanie Demers, Laïla Diallo | Performers Hazuki Kojima, Camille Marchadour, Peder Nilsson, Yiorgos Pelagias, Kristian Refslund, Riccardo Zandona, Jing Yi Wang, Maria Pilar Abaurrera, Erika Poletto, Sarah Bellugi Klima  | Landscaping Carola Wingren, Karin Svensson  | Music Jean-Sébastien Côté | Costumes Kasper Hansen, Sophie Bellin-Hansen | Lighting design Guy Hoare

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