Mélanie Demers in collaboration with
Olivier Choinière, Xavier Curnillon, Les Fermières Obsédées,
Catherine Gaudet, Catherine Leroux, Poirier and Catherine Vidal

With Jacques Poulin-Denis, Brianna Lombardo, Angie Cheng, Nicolas Patry,
Chi Long, Francis Ducharme, Caroline Gravel and Mélanie Demers

Lights : Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Artistic advisor : Anne-Marie Jourdenais 
Coordinator : Suzie Larivée 
Production : MAYDAY 
Coproduction : Usine C

Atypical event, indefinable artistic object, MAYDAY remix is an exploded rereading of the company’s repertoire. With selected excerpts of the company’s repertoire, Mélanie Demers plays the full-scale deconstruction game. Add to these new collaborators to revisit, reinterpret, pervert or corrupt the proposed material.

In collaboration with many guest artists, the project is imagined as a course where each station reveals a part of the whole, MAYDAY remix splits, fragments and recomposed, offering a kaleidoscopic vision of the universe of the choreographer.

The bet is successful and vibrant. A wonderful way to honor Mélanie Demers’ latest works.

É. Boileau, Dfdanse, March 14

It is a refreshing breeze for the Montreal milieu, bold and pleasant for the audience. A memorable evening. 
P. St-Onge, MonThéâtre.qc.ca, March 14