Choreography:Mélanie Demers 
Original Music: Jacques Poulin-Denis 
On stage: Jacques Poulin-Denis and Mélanie Demers
Original lighting: David Perreault Ninacs
Artistic Advice: Boyzie Cekwana
Creation: 2006
Length: 35 min or 60 min 2 versions available

Les Angles Morts questions our ability to understand the world from another point of view than where we usually stand and observes from every angle, even the blind spots, the small details that make us all the same and perfectly distinct.

The piece, created in an international context, brings together artists that are deeply engaged in the process and highly engaging on stage.

[…] For the brave questioning of the role of the artist […] For the emotional charge and coherence of a piece full of images and moods signed Mélanie Demers […]
F. Cabado, Voir, December 07

Mélanie Demers does not waste a single second in submerging us in her world […] It is very difficult to qualify or even quantify Les Angles Morts because it works at such an experiential level that discussing it inevitably feels futile. The only way to truly appreciate it is to experience it. It will move you to action, and even maybe to creation.
S. Vestricht, Indyish, April 07

[…] Mélanie Demers and Jacques Poulin-Denis are exceptional dancers; fluidity, simplicity, commitment and precision were shown. Consequently, a striking presence arises from these two bodies [...]  A beautiful poetry.
È. Lalonde, Dfdanse, April 07